After 20 years of working in the non-profit sector as a therapist and social services administrator, Lupe left her profession to pursue  a new career in computers.  The computer world is what led her to the online poker world.  However, her heart has always remained in charity work and non-profit program design.

Year after year she volunteered her services in the community. This allowed her to evaluate problem areas and put together programming to meet those needs. In doing so, she formalized the work and co-founded When Charity Works, Inc.

In 2019, Las Vegas became the focus and Vegas Connected was established to serve families in Southern Nevada.

Poker Gives is the Poker Fundraising arm of Vegas Connected Inc. 

Poker Gives was originally founded by poker industry professionals Mike Sexton, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, and Lisa Tenner as a way for poker players and the poker industry to give back to worthwhile charity organizations.

In early 2015, the founders seeking to retire, passed the baton to Lupe because of her work being done in Nevada. Happily accepting Poker Gives, the new mission is to continue raising funds through poker events and private donations in support of the Vegas Connected service programs.

Money is raised in a variety of ways including private donations from poker players, auctions, poker tournaments, home game fundraisers, and other poker-related activities.

For more information, visit or Poker