Next Door Post Removed 3-3-21

My post on Next Door. It was removed within an hour of posting my response to Jody… Here are the posts.

Desert Inn Estates

Here’s the answers to the questions from the “meet the candidates” that didn’t get answered. While I don’t have all the answers here’s what I do know and have proof of. Maybe people will start picking wisely as to who is here for us. One woman asked why she sees no security on her street? Because they are too busy watching, following me and asking friends I visit why I was there and what did I want and why was I there. Filming me in the community. And if you come to my home, you’ll be asked why you were there. The attorney was used because I witnessed carlos chest bump a female owner, stalk, harass me and all complaints were answered the same way. No action will be taken. Certain board members sent him to do this to me, to follow me and “keep an eye on me” thing is instead I got a restraining order. So they had to use the attorney to get him off because it was their fault he got the order, although he knew right from wrong. Every meeting day, town hall day, 1/2 hour before at least 2 board members and “security” will drive by minimum of 3 times each within 1/2 hour before. Even on Saturday before it started. I dont know how many people they have done this to or continue to do it to but I have a feeling I’m not the only one. The drug houses.. I don’t see where they find the time with all the attention I get. Then to be bad mouthed on nextdoor by a member of their click. They’ve told me to move if I don’t like it. This click have spread rumors and lies, bullied, harrassed, stalked, dismissed the fact that we can be sued due to the misconduct and refuse to answer questions. If you ask and demand an answer you become a target. I’ve decided to finally speak out. And for the record I’ve live here 4 years no violations, get along with ALL my street, or try my best to. I have never in my life witnessed and been a victim of so much abuse from an HOA board. I am sure I am not the only one and I see why homeowners don’t come to meetings or functions, I don’t. I’ve been called seedy by residents that don’t know me because the people in the click posting untrue or nasty comments of people that have never met me. Relying only on hear say. So as long as we mind our own business, hide invou our homes, ignore and give up…the abuse, and that’s exactly what it is…ABUSE will continue. I’m sure I will be a target of retaliation yet again. At this point after year of this and what they have put me through it’s time for me to speak out! Have questions please PM me.(edited)


I have stayed silent for far too long. Your attempt to defame the character of Carlos has been both dubious and calculating for a very long time. Today, it stops. The delusions of you being of any importance to him/us so much so as to want to know your whereabouts at any given time, is pure fantasy. You committed libel in your attempt to defame his character when you crafted and distributed a petition in the community claiming he assaulted and battered a female which is untrue and verified by law enforcement. The only time your whereabouts were noted was when you were seen collecting signatures and he inquired about it. Other than that, he could care less about you.

Carlos has never done anything wrong in his detainment of criminals in our community, and has only followed the directives of his supervisor on any given day. All detainments were reviewed and supported by law enforcement and then proceeded to issue citations to the violators. Detainments were part of the overall plan to rid this community of people committing crimes here and to create a dossier for Metro to take action on our known drug houses. We all know what challenges they bring into this community. Carlos has only dedicated himself to the protection of our residents. This is why your petition failed.

He also never chest bumped anyone. The momentum of the stride from your friend coming off the porch created the contact. Carlos is tall and in order to ‘chest bump’ someone of my/her height, he would hit her in the face. IT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Although, the chest bumper friend of yours has attempted to make contact with other staff and volunteers on occasion from what I hear, but I didn’t see it, so I’ll leave it to hearsay. The “chest bump” you claim happened was witnessed by others who were not involved and they came forward, unsolicited, in Carlos’ defense.

Carlos has put up with your constant harassments, having his name drug through the mud, police being called, having to defend himself in court, being investigated, and all if it from false accusations of stalking when all he is doing is patrolling the neighborhood. In your mind, he has interest in you as he passes by your house. It’s PATROLING! You live on the busiest cross street in our park with the Club House on your same street. I guess he is stalking the other 577 residential homes here in Desert Inn for the past 4 years too. You have video? You’re not alone. Going to work and never knowing if he’d endure harassments, false accusations, taunting, and more, was of increased concern on a daily basis. You think Carlos was directed by his supervisors to do some dirty work for them against you? You DON’T KNOW HIM! This is some perceived fantasy in your head. He is not anyone’s puppet. All your attempts to disparage him in public, in court, and with Metro have failed because he isn’t the man you are trying to make him out to be. You never got a restraining order against him. Not a temporary or otherwise. If there was a protection order, he would have been served and he never was. You don’t need protection from someone who doesn’t give two squats about you. It seems it’s the other way around… He needs protection from the likes of you.

Carlos isn’t working here anymore and I am happy about it. (Although he was told he was let go because of the new confidentiality agreement the staff was told to sign. He asked for clarification of the document because it wasn’t well written and there were unclear aspects in the rules. When Carols asked for the clarification, he was fired. Now, those rules have been violated here, on Next Door, by the very people who terminated him for not agreeing with them. See? He will question anything he doesn’t feel is right.)

The time and energy it has taken to deal with the drama and your delusional reality, have taken away from our own peaceful ‘no drama’ life. Although it’s been difficult, it has come to an end. This is enough Jody. Defamation of Character and Libel could find you having to defend yourself as well. If Carlos was a weaker man, the slander and harassments he has dealt with, could have shaken him. But he’s an upstanding person. He cares about the people of this community he was entrusted to protect, so he continued to show up, day after day. Not anymore. Go find someone else to target and leave us the hell alone.

I feel sorry for the homeowners here. We rent the house we live in and our landlord loves us because we’re good people and take better care of the home than they did, when they lived in it. If I hear “YOUR JUST A RENTER” again, I may scream. We have given to this community a great deal more than we get back. You homeowners on the other hand, have a big challenge in front of you. Leadership is an important thing when it’s a self-governed community. The elections coming up and some of the people in the running are not good for you. Some threaten the Board of Directors on a regular basis. Some could never pass a background check. Some have needed protection BY CARLOS when in hostile environments during meetings and confrontations. You will all pay the price should they get elected into office. AND some have violated the most basic of confidentiality by allowing documents and confidential discussions to be shared with the public. This should NEVER be tolerated and you should want it to be.

The bylaws need a complete overhaul and the transparency needs improvement. But in all honesty? You need people who have the skill set to do the work needed. Good luck finding that!

AND to the moderators of Next Door, shame on you. You are picking and choosing what comes and goes. Do you live in fear of retaliation? Your motives are clearly evident…. posts only gets removed if it makes leadership look bad and you leave the ones attacking residents. Got it…. Again, good luck with that!

Carlos is not on Next Door. I am and have been active in every community I have ever lived in. But I’m sooo not interested in being active here. This is MY post. Not his. Peace and joy is on our personal agenda now…. hopefully it will be on yours too.

We’re moving on… good luck to you all.