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About Lupe

About Lupe Simply put, Lupe Soto is as colorful and diverse in personality as she is in her work. She has been at the forefront of the poker industry for many years, but always remains true to her roots in the non-profit sector. Lupe Soto has a background as a professional therapist and social services...


Poker Lupe’s involvement in poker is extensive.  These are the companies and associations she has founded and developed. Poker Chix (Now on Facebook) – Founded in 2002, Poker Chix is the first online poker club for women. Before Facebook and other social media outlets, poker forums were all the...


Charity After 20 years of working in the non-profit sector as a therapist and social services administrator, Lupe left her profession to pursue  a new career in computers.  The computer world is what led her to the online poker world.  However, her heart has always remained in charity work and...